​Career in Sales

Successful SaaS businesses, don’t just make a one-time sale but build a long-lasting relationship with the customer to keep the revenue flowing. This requires for excellent sales strategy. Since most SaaS companies use a subscription-based price model, a significant part of the sales team’s effort goes into upselling premium packages to the existing customers.

Key Roles in Sales

At SaaS Talents, we specialize in helping companies and candidates find different challenging Sales job positions. Examples of positions we can help you with are:

VP Sales
Sales Manager
Channel Partner Manager
Sales Engineer
Account Executive
Sales Development Rep.
Market Development Rep.

What We Do

We help SaaS companies and candidates find their perfect fit. We value building a great SaaS ecosystem for both companies and candidates which is only possible through the right placement of candidates.

For Companies

Sales is one of the 3 most important disciplines of your SaaS company. There are so many roles to hire in sales that it often becomes overwhelming for companies. SaaS Talents houses expert recruiters with years of experience in building and driving Sales in the SaaS industry. We understand the need to timely source great talent in the right positions in order to innovate and drive sales and meet revenue goals.


For Candidates

SaaS Talents offers career counseling to SaaS professionals who are willing to excel in their careers and receive job promotions as they develop more skills. We provide free counseling to candidates looking to connect with growing SaaS companies. This includes guiding them about the roadmap, challenges, and new skillset and briefing them about developing valuable skills that can help them get better placements in their SaaS Sales Careers.