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About us

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Who we are

SaaS Talents is a high profile recruitment agency that helps SaaS businesses quickly find and board talented SaaS professionals in various growth stages. Together with a team of highly experienced recruiters, sales experts, and executives with decades of combined SaaS experience, we help various SaaS companies achieve their revenue goals.

About the Founder

Hi, my name is Moestafa Rkhaoui and I'm the founder of SaaS Talents. I have a background in SaaS Strategy & Operations, Sales & Marketing, Customer Success, and Recruitment. I have experience in developing, driving, and delivering sales for innovative products and services in high-profile SaaS companies. In the process of developing SaaS companies and driving phenomenal sales, I’ve fallen in love with the SaaS ecosystem primarily because of the innovative and creative genius it takes to make a SaaS product successful. That is why I’ve been closely observing and learning from the experiences of various SaaS companies in different growth stages over the years.
The most significant deciding factor of a company’s success depends on hiring the right kind of talent and in SaaS, it seems to be even more critical.

While onboarding the right candidate is crucial, talented SaaS professionals are in short supply because it is a relatively new and fast-growing industry. Only professionals who are willing to learn and grow with technological development can sustain a career in SaaS. That is why it is only possible through experience in SaaS that you can hire the ideal candidate as you know what expertise would fit the required role and where to find them. This is what led me to the creation of SaaS Talents, where expert SaaS recruiters and executives help companies hire ideal candidates faster.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help SaaS businesses build high-performing commercial teams to reach their revenue goals and milestones, and connect SaaS Talents to the best SaaS companies where their skills and personality can have the most effect. We partner with early to growth-stage SaaS companies to hire Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success talent. Whether your startup is pre-funding or Series C or later, we can help your team grow fast, and with great talents!

"Connecting SaaS Talents with innovative SaaS Companies "

Our Vision

We truly believe that people with passion can change the world for the better. Our main driver is to achieve real, sustainable growth with a higher employee retention rate for SaaS Companies. Our goal is to use our SaaS DNA, experience, and network to organically connect commercial SaaS talent with SaaS businesses. Our ambition and the ultimate goal is to become a talent-centric recruitment partner for the entire SaaS Ecosystem.

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